Stacking Firewood – How to Properly Store Your Wood for Fires

Stacking Firewood – How to Properly Store Your Wood for Fires

Stacking firewood properly

When you are stacking firewood for storage, you should use a method that will protect the wood. As well as, maintain the investment of time and money you made in your wood. Here is the right way to go about stacking firewood.

Before you begin

You need to know is that the elements can be the enemy of your firewood or a friend. Rain and snow can damage firewood and make it unusable. If it is stored touching the ground, it will be exposed to more moisture and insects, which will speed up decay.

However, stacking firewood properly can help it get to the state where it is dry, will burn extremely well and provide hours of pleasant flames.

Stacking firewood basics

There are a few things you need to know about stacking firewood that will ensure it gets dry and ready to use.

Location of woodpile

Choosing the right location for your woodpile is crucial. You want to choose an area that is well-drained (no pooling water). As well as, ensuring that the woodpile will not be exposed to rainfall, such as under a shed or overhand. If the pile will be exposed to the elements, use the proper technique to cover it. (You can check out this article to learn how.)

There are some options about the configuration of your stack, too. For a horizontal stack, you can put it between two trees. Or, you could stack your wood on two pressure treated wood planks. Alternatively, you could use a metal firewood rack.

Regardless of the location, you can add metal or pressure treated stakes to support your firewood at the ends (or intermittently on the sides).

Stacking tips

  • Stack wood so there is airspace between each piece.
  • Get the stack off the ground. Put it on a few pressure treated planks or other water resistant material.
  • Don’t stack more than 4 feet high
  • Stack it with the bark side down.

How to stack firewood video

Here is a video about how to stack firewood properly.

Get good wood for your fire

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