How to Cover Firewood So It Will Season Properly

How to Cover Firewood So It Will Season Properly

How to cover firewood

This article will show you how to cover firewood so it will cure properly and burn nice and hot.

We get asked quite a bit about how to cover firewood. If you didn’t know, covering your wood properly will keep it dry and help in the seasoning process.

You see, when you stack firewood out in the open, it can become damp from rain or snow. That will make it difficult to use and create more smoke than you want.

That will almost always take away from you having an enjoyable time sitting in front of the fireplace. Not to mention, wet firewood will put off less heat.

How to cover firewood

One of the best ways to keep your wood covered is a firewood shed or some type of lean-to structure. Most people don’t have those, so we’re going to focus on covers that will help keep it dry after it has been delivered and stacked.


The easiest way to cover your firewood is to use a tarp. After you’ve stacked the wood, place the tarp on the top of the stack. Cover only the top and let an inch or two hang down. Do not cover the sides of the stack, since you’ll need airflow to dry the wood out. Then, use some rope and stakes to tie the tarp in place. You also can just set several bricks or logs across the top of the tarp to keep it in place.

Commercial firewood cover

You also can purchase a firewood cover. The covers are made to maximize the amount of airflow, while keeping rain and snow off of your wood. Many have holes to allow the air to pass through. Some even completely cover a stack for when it is done curing. (Those aren’t really necessary, though.)

Don’t forget

Buying firewood doesn’t necessarily mean it is seasoned and ready to use. It may have just been cut or may have seasoned some (just not all the way).

If you buy wood that has been seasoned, you still should cover it to keep moisture off the top of it.

Regardless of which route you go  with your firewood cover, you’ll be helping to protect it from the elements and ensure you have a more enjoyable fire.

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