Get To Know Us | It’ll Be Worth The Heat

Get To Know Us | It’ll Be Worth The Heat

Have you ever put a ton of effort into something that you were looking so forward to enjoying with family and friends only to be extremally frustrated? That was us!!

     In the beginning we were one of many Sevierville locals selling firewood from the backyard. It took hours of hard work, only to produce smelly, saturated, bug infested, fungus covered wood that laughed at the sight of a flame. Nonetheless, we were tired of the piles of paper ashes, empty lighter fluid cans and suffering from smoke inhalation.

In 2017, Knockout Firewood began as an idea, a way to enjoy a crackling, comfortable campfire.

Now, the hard work is rewarding. At Knockout Firewood we process, size and dry freshly cut trees, daily. We cut the logs to the exact length of 16″ then split every piece of wood to the desired size. Then, the wet wood is loaded into the kiln and the drying process starts. As a result, this removes mold, mildew, fungus and moister, best of all it eliminates all insects, after all, no one likes creepy crawlies in there home! The dry time and temperature of the kiln exceeds Tennessee state standards by leaps and bounds. Finally, the wood is packaged for use.

      We provide camping bundles year round for those enjoying the wonders of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, TN. USDA and state certified bundles are provided to those who prefer the solitude of the National or State Parks. Additionally, ricks are delivered as a seasonal service.  Families from all over enjoy gathering around the fireplace thanks to our kiln-dried firewood. Rooted in Wears Valley, TN, the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains, Knockout has grown from a backyard firewood stand to the local leader in heat-treated firewood.

The firewood provided to you wouldn’t be possible without the support from local logging vendors, campgrounds, convenience stores and resorts.

Many logs have come from the clean-up of the horrific wildfires that happened in 2016, others from the cleanup of Cades Cove and Elkmont. 

We are proud to be apart of Protect the Smoky Mountain Forest by providing heat-treated firewood bundles.

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