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Firewood Bundles – Wears Valley Wood Bundles For Sale

Firewood Bundles – Wears Valley Wood Bundles For Sale

Firewood bundles make your home, cabin, camping or getaway cozy & warm

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If you’re wondering if there is, “seasoned firewood near me” or “kiln dried firewood near me”, then you’re in the right place.

Whether you’re a local homeowner, visiting a cabin or camping in the Smoky Mountain National Park, firewood bundles are a convenient way to help you enjoy your time away from it all.

Knockout Firewood provides high-quality, hardwood firewood for sale that you can trust in your home or home away from home!

Affordable, high-quality firewood bundles (hardwood)

At Knockout Firewood, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality hardwood, kiln-dried firewood bundles that at a reasonable cost.

Our premium kiln dried mixed hardwood products are heat treated, so they contain no bugs or pests. Our firewood is not only certified to high standards set forth by the USDA, it is also dried so it contains very limited moisture. Th kiln-drying process ensures that your wood will burn hot and clean, so you can enjoy your time in the Smokies.

USDA Certified for National Park use

We process firewood at Knockout Firewood in Wears Valley to meet or exceed USDA requirements for use in the Smoky Mountain National Park. So, you will know that our certified bundles you purchase from us is the for use both in and outside of the park, we label them with our USDA compliance certification and our contact information.

Many of our products are certified for distribution, sale, transport and burning in the Smoky Mountain State Park. For state park accounts, please contact for additional information.

Not all of our bundles are certified. If you need certified wood, please call for information.

Firewood bundle size

We sell bundle of wood for your fire pit, fireplace or camping trip! Red mesh bag filled with 6 or 7 pieces of wood and are NOT certified for park use. For certified bundles, please call for pricing and location pick up.

Available 24/7, 365 days a year. Find us located at 3264 Wears Valley Road. [Map/directions]

Price: $4.00/ea. on the honor system. Just drop the cash in the box provided.

Wholesale firewood distributors

Knockout Firewood is a premiere provider of firewood bundles wholesale for distributors, wholesalers, bed & breakfasts, cabins, convenience stores, grocery stores, campgrounds, and other commercial accounts.

We offer excellent firewood – kiln dried, USDA certified by the Federal government for use inside and outside of National Parks in the United States.