The Best Firewood to Use for Your Cabin, Home or Camping Trip
The Best Firewood to Use for Your Cabin, Home or Camping Trip

The Best Firewood to Use for Your Cabin, Home or Camping Trip

Best firewood to use

The best firewood to use can depend on certain things, such as what is available locally or what is in your budget for buying firewood. What we’ll do in this article is talk about the different types of firewood, as well as some tips to make it easier on you when you go to buy firewood.

Note that not all of these species are available in the Wears Valley or East Tennessee area. However, we’ve highlighted the ones that we offer.

The list of best firewood

Quickly, the best firewood to use is going to be from a hardwood species that has been seasoned (cut into logs and dried). Hardwood also is best for campfires. These hardwoods include:

  • White or Red Oak
  • Black or White Ash
  • Hard Maple
  • Cherry or Black Cherry
  • Birch
  • Hickory

Examples of firewood

White or Red Oak – Red and White Oak are great woods to burn. They burn slow and have a high heat level. Neither produce much smoke. Each have a fairly low moisture content and smell nice when burning. The caveat (as with many hardwoods) is that they can be difficult to split if you don’t have a lot of experience splitting firewood.

Birch – This wood burns well with little smoke and offers quite a bit of heat.

Beech – This hardwood will burn for a very long time and very hot if it is well-seasoned. It doesn’t smoke much and is fairly easy to split.

Black or White Ash – Ash firewood doesn’t burn as hot, but still offers a medium-to-high heat. It also doesn’t produce a lot of smoke and is only moderately difficult to split.

Cherry or Black Cherry – Cherry firewood is another that burns at a medium heat level. This is some of the best smelling firewood available, and offers a very nice fragrance when burned and does not smoke much.

Hard Maple – They don’t call this “hard maple” for nothing; this is a more difficult wood to split. However, it does burn easily and pretty hot, making very nice firewood for a cold night.

Why hardwoods?

Hardwood is the ideal wood type to use. It is a highly-dense wood, which makes it burn hotter, slower (and longer). There are some softwoods that you can burn in your fireplace or stove, but hardwoods will produce the best results for you.

One note of caution if you use a softwood is that they can cause a buildup of tar in your chimney. This is true for pines, fir trees or other species that have a lot of sap. This buildup can cause a fire in your chimney if not cleaned properly.

Our recommendation is to not use these types of wood in your fireplace.

If you don’t have hardwoods, you could choose from a couple of softwoods, such as one of the different types of cedar or Douglas fir.

How to choose the best firewood

There is nothing like sitting in front of the fire on a cold night or when you’re camping. It is part of the experience you’re looking for when you’re on vacation away from it all.

As we already mentioned, you want to make sure you choose a hardwood if at all possible. They just burn better and you’ll be so glad you opted for it instead of a softwood.

Other things you should consider when choosing firewood, especially when you’re on vacation, include:

Has it been seasoned?

The best firewood to use is seasoned wood. If the wood was cut recently, then it hasn’t been seasoned. In a perfect world, once a tree is cut, it then must be split into usable logs, stacked and allowed to dry out of the elements.

Often times, though, perfectly seasoned wood is not available. Since that is the case, just make sure you inquire as to how long ago it was cut, because you want to make sure it doesn’t have too much moisture in it. That being said, many hardwoods have a lower moisture content and will still burn pleasantly, even if recently cut.

Firewood delivery

Not everyone has a truck to go pick up firewood. Many don’t have the desire (or ability) to stack it, either. That’s why we listed this as a criteria for the best firewood; the convenience factor.

There are typically many places around where you can get firewood delivered. (We do to Wears Valley, Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Townsend.) Often times the person delivering the firewood will stack it for an extra fee. So, be sure to ask.

Different types of firewood pictures

In order to help you identify wood for your fireplace, stove or camping trip, we’re providing these different types of firewood pictures.

Great wood makes great fires

If you are in the Wears Valley, Pigeon Forge, Townsend or Gatlinburg area we are close; perhaps even the nearest firewood for sale. We also have firewood bundles for sale for your cabin stay or camping trip.

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